Memento Mori

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"The computer can't tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what's missing is the eyebrows." - Frank Zappa

i'm 22, living in gainesville

Such a fun weekend. Started Thursday night in Gainesville when I spent the night at my guy’s house. Then friday Steven, Devon (the red shirt brunette girl), Brenda (the black hair), and me left for Atlanta to visit our two friends Amanda (the blonde) and Kristina (the asian). 5 hours and a milkshake later we were in atlanta just in time for the braves game we bought tickets for. After driving around trying to find the lot that we bought a parking pass for and meeting up with amanda and kristina after a ticket mix up we finally made it into turner field with beers in our hands and a great view of the field.. by the 3rd inning. It was a pretty uneventful game but nice to be amongst friends and sipping back some brewskis. The game got over, Braves lost :(, and it was their firework friday performance. Spectacular light show set to some 80’s rock anthems it was really cool. After the game we split into 2 cars and drove back towards our friend’s apartment.  Got to the apartment around midnight and we decided we were all hungry, lucky there was this thai restaurant that was open until 3am, so we walked across the street, chowed down on some nice nomz and even got some free thai tea because we were “Emory students” (K and A’s roommate was with us and she goes there, so she just vouched for us). We walked back to the apartment and went to bed, because we knew tomorrow was an early start.

Saturday in a recap was Stone Mountain, Centennial Park Farmers Market, Atlanta Street Food Festival at Piedmont Park, and ending the night drinking in the apartment.  Woke up at 9am, out the door by 10am to head to Stone Mountain Park. We climbed to the top (this Florida girl was not mean for rock climbing) and took a few photos, and then headed down the mountain. Man it was rough for me. It was kind of slippery because it had rained earlier in the morning, but overall it was pretty overcast and breezy so it made for a cool climb up. Seriously worked my legs cause lets just say I ain’t the fittest when it comes to stairs and rock climbing, and some of the portions were so steep they had a railing! We climbed down and then headed on our way to the next stop, Centennial park. We arrived after finding some expensive $10 downtown parking garage and got to a mostly empty sans 3 tents farmers market. It had rained so all the tents bailed. Determined to get the most of our parking we wandered round for a local coffee shop only to settle on a Dunkin’ Donuts. We then found our way to the CNN building. After a quick photo in front of the sign we decided to wander in. One day I would love to take the tour inside the studios, but for now I’d have to settle on just visiting the gift shop, (and taking photos with the cardboard cutouts of various CNN reporters…mhm Anderson Cooper). Once we decided we spent enough time downtown to justify the parking costs we hopped in the car to head home to change and freshen up to head to the Street Food Festival…

To be continued tomorrow. 

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